Lemon Cree was founded in 2010 by Theresa Ducharme with a vision to provide health and wellness programs in First Nation communities across Canada. To date Lemon Cree has brought programs to over 30 communities and trained 134 trainers. Lemon Cree is committed to promoting active and healthy lifestyles, empowering through education and providing innovative holistic programs. We believe that in order to build a healthy and strong community, you must first start with the individual.




Theresa is a Red River Metis- (Cree-Salteaux) from Manitoba. She has an extensive background working with Indigenous and non-Indigenous communities around the world through her intensive background of movement, dance, drumming and choreographed numerous fashion shows across Canada in the 90’s. In 2010 she formed Lemon Cree and created her own successful technique called Lemon Cree Bounce Fit. She has trained 134 Lemon Cree trainers to date, to keep programs sustainable and running in communicates across Canada and the US.

In 2015 she established Lemon Cree Fitness & Wellness Non-Profit Society to provide leadership and wellness programs for Indigenous youth.

She is dedicated and continues to lead a fitness and wellness revolution to her Indigenous peoples across Turtle Island (North America). She currently has many private clients in Vancouver and is now honoured to present private training in tropical warm places for everyone anywhere, for a complete Lemon Cree experience.


President / Instructor

Jessica is an actor, founding member of Lemon Cree and board member of Lemon Cree Non-Profit Society. She stars in such shows as “Blackstone”, “Burden of Truth” and Discovery Canada’s “Frontier” and the soon to premier APTN’s “Tribal”. She creates and facilitates the acting and modelling programs.

Jessica ran multiple articles and the magazine “Active Cree” distributed monthly to 60,000 people and 10 communities across the James Bay area throughout Northern Ontario. She also heads #N8VGirls – a social media campaign designed to help spread awareness globally of the thousands of missing and murdered indigenous women and girls across Canada.

Throughout all of her work, Jessica strongly believes in the power of helping others on their own journeys in life and understanding that we are all connected.


Administrator / Instructor

Rachel is a certified yoga and fitness instructor, sound therapy practitioner and singer. She grew up on 3 continents, singing and dancing and being immersed in multiple cultures. She believes that connection can be found, no matter your race or belief-system. She strives to bring harmony through communication, movement and the healing power of sound.

Her approach to wellness begins by learning to listen to the whole body. She applies this mind-body-spirit approach to her classes and incorporates various practices to facilitate self-healing, including breath work, mindful movement and sound therapy.

She believes health and happiness ins everyone’s birthright and is passionate about sharing the tools that can bring about positive change.