Lemon Cree is an Indigenous Owned Fitness and Wellness company that works closely with First Nations and Non-First Nations communities to promote active and healthy lifestyles. We educate on a diverse number of subjects including nutrition, living a healthy lifestyle, and decreasing the risks of diseases like diabetes,heart disease, depression and obesity through our successful programs. We also certify group trainers for communities to have consistent programs running throughout the year. All of our programs are designed to create self-awareness and personal well-being through group classes, workshops and one-on-one coaching. Our classes are designed for all levels of fitness. We also offer classes and workshops for both youth and adults. Our belief is: in order to build a healthy strong community, you must start with the individual. Together we can work to “Shape Our People, Build Our Nation” to become sustainable for generations to come.



Theresa Ducharme is a Métis-Cree-Saulteaux who was born in Winnipeg, Manitoba. She currently resides in Vancouver, BC. She is the founder of Lemon Cree Fitness and Wellness. Lemon Cree was created in Montreal, Quebec in 2010. Her unique, innovative fitness program took the James Bay Cree Nation in Quebec by storm, which started a fitness revolution in all 10 Cree communities, then spread to Montreal, Toronto and Vancouver. To this day, it is still going strong in these communities. The programs expanded to Listiguj, Mi’maq Nation, Moose Factory, Ontario Fort Albany, Ontario, and Webequie first Nation, Ontario and many more communities and cities in the East. In August 2015, Theresa expanded the programs to British Columbia and has since expanded into other communities like Lower Nicola Indian Band, N’Quatqua and Tsleil- Waututh Nation where she has a portfolio of 45 clients and climbing, including youth and elders who deal with diabetes, depression, obesity and heart disease.

Lemon Cree also trains and certifies trainers for their community. To date the company has trained 129 people for their community to bring fitness, nutrition and meditation to the people. Theresa has been a professional athlete and trainer now since 2006. Previous to this career she was the Western Canada /International Community Coordinator for Sisters In Spirit from 2005-2009 at Native Women’s Association of Canada in Ottawa. It is here where the movement of MMIW started by raising awareness and offering training to the police force, RCMP, Canadian and Foreign media, politicians, universities and communities in Canada and abroad. Theresa was also on the original first team of the development of the National vigils that happen across Canada every October 4th. Theresa’s career started very young at the age of 14 where she was a National Fashion Model for runways and print ads for Gambles, Eaton’s, The Hudson Bay, Simpson Sears and much more. After her retirement from the fashion world, she got hired by the government in the 90’s to perform cultural shows and guest speak in places like Japan, China, Mongolia, Korea, Mexico City to raise awareness of Indigenous peoples of Canada. Theresa is showcased in one of Canada’s top bestsellers, “ Smoke Signals from the Heart” which features Indigenous people in Canada who made a positive difference.



From dancing to singing, acting in musical theatre and plays to running around in the mountains of Japan, Rachel began exploring a relationship with movement from a young age. Growing up she spent most of her youth in singing and dancing troupes, traveling and living in various cities and countries. Through these experiences she was able to expand her understanding of life, cultures, food, and the human body, learning from the various walks of life and cultures she moved through and lived with.

Rachel was first introduced to Yoga after moving to Canada and instantly fell in love with this form of movement. After several years of practice, she became a certified yoga teacher. She has since expanded her fitness career to include Kids Yoga, Yin Yoga, Group Fitness and Personal training. She loves mixing various types of movement to keep challenging the body! She also believes that music is a wonderful tool to help heal the mind and soul – you can often hear her singing at the end of one of her yoga classes. 🙂

Rachel is always up for an adventure and is constantly exploring various types of movement, whether it be rock climbing, kick-boxing, pilates, hiking, paddle boarding or dancing, she’s always moving and grooving!



Nicole is a proud First Nations member of the Tsleil-Waututh Nation, which is located in Deep Cove, North Vancouver, BC. She has been training with Lemon Cree for just over two years and is excited to be on her way to becoming a trainer. In the past she has worked as an Early Childhood Educator and run her own daycare. She has always enjoyed physical activities and was a part of her Nations canoe pulling and soccer teams. She has also enjoyed being a manager, coach and referee for minor lacrosse, as well as taking fitness classes like Zumba, Pilates, Yoga and of course her all time favourite Bounce fit!