We're starting a movement. Call it a revolution or merely a change in lifestyle. It's time to get back to our roots and restore our values... ...it starts with our HEALTH.


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"Lemon Cree played a major role in my choice of living a healthy lifestyle. I battled drug addiction and over came some hurdles so far in life. In September 2013 Theresa Ducharme and team Lemon Cree came down to our community to train a few of us lucky people. Today I do my best to teach. I also offer personal training sessions to clients I work with and I work in the field of addictions now. Thank you, Lemon Cree!"Terrence H.
"Thank you very much to you all! It really opened me up to new positive thoughts and goals. Congrats to all those who were there with me and my mother on this Lemon Cree fitness intructor program. Yay!! We all passed!"Felicia P.
"Congratulations to you all!! At this time I want to acknowledge the Waskaganish Recreation Department for sponsoring the ladies so they can participate and become a vital role in promoting healthy lifestyles to the people in their community. Also, a BIG THANK YOU to the Vice President of the Waskaganish Women's Group, Ethel Taylor for taking the initiative to seek support on behalf of the ladies, so proud of you all and we can Bounce Bounce everyday !!...more trainers more time....yahooooo...!!!!"Virginia W.
"I would like to thank the "Lemon Cree Fitness Team for an awesome weekend!! The two day training, has given me new tools to work with in keeping fit and healthy. I definitely recommend this program to those who would like to live a better and healthier lifestyle. It's a unique program that many can enjoy, as I have! It's easy, it's fun and is adaptable to a person's needs regardless of age or gender. This has been an "uplifting" experience!! Many many "THANKS!!" for your teachings!!"Gloria P.