Lemon Cree offers a variety of fitness programs to suit all fitness levels and needs. From online group fitness classes  wellness workshops like "Lets Talk About Food" " Inspirational Indigneous Sharing Circle" and "Everyone Is Talking" Sharing Circle.  Lemon Cree ensures a full body workout and mind-body experience for optimal health. Yo will  learn about self-care and have fun at the same time! During Covid 19 it is more important then ever to talk about things that matter to us in fitness and keeping healthy, mind, body and spirit and keep on moving!

Learning how to practice self-care will result in positive changes and you will see and feel improvements in your overall health and wellness. Most importantly you will feel a sense of accomplishment knowing you are treating your body and mind with the best gift in the world: health!


This is the original class that started the Lemon Cree craze across the James Bay communities! A saucy mix of aerobics that focuses on toning, increasing energy, losing weight in an unconventional way that keeps the class super fun. You'll be having so much fun in the class, you'll almost forget how hard you are actually working out! This class involves fun songs that will get you bouncing on the balls and using weights and Resist-A-Bands for a full body workout! But don't let this class' fun environment fool you! You will shed pounds while working with a combination of routines to get your heart pumping and fat burning!

Online Lets Talk about FOOD!

Discussions on foods that will heal us and give us energy instead of depleting our health.  We will talk about what what challenges us when it comes to making healthy choices for us and our family. How does food effect our overall wellbeing will be discussed. We will learn how our emotional and spiritual well being is connected to food. It will be a time to share, learn and try recipes to gain our best optimal health. Inside and out. 

Online Mindful Movements

Relax, de-stress, breath, get strong and flexible.  This class combines meditation & stretching movements, functional mobility and breath work. The practice of breathing deeply builds  awareness and reduces stress.

You will gain strength, mobility and flexibility in this class and it is a powerful tool to help decrease stress, anxiety even depression. This workshop bring focus, clarity, and a sense of peace and relaxation. Through breath work, a sequence of poses and meditation, you will begin to experience that mind-body-spirit connection. With various levels and styles, anyone can do it, whether you are 5 or 100! 

Inspirational Indigenous Sharing Circle.


 Time to gather, sit and talk about matters that are important to us when it comes to matter of the heart. We will have special guest to inspire us, encourage us, entertain us and make us laugh and even sometimes tears of healing. Example of one the guest is  John Bear from the Apache/Choctaw Tribe. Bear uses his flutes to heal us by his heartfelt healing sounds.