By sponsoring our programs, you are providing an opportunity for Indigenous youth to experience diverse culture, learn anti-bullying strategies, improve their health and fitness and develop strong leadership and career skills. These youth will bring the tools they've learned through this experience into their communities and the workforce. They will become leaders and examples on how to excel in their chosen field, foster mutual respect and bring growth to their communities.

With the growing need for skilled workers and the rise of disease such as obesity, diabetes, heart disease and depression there is no better time than the present to provide these programs. The skills that our youth will learn, can be used to combat these negative physical and mental conditions and foster positive and healthy life choices within our communities and the workforce.

Our mentors and collaborators are building a brighter and safer future for our Indigenous communities. Together with your support we can develop more leaders and provide more opportunities to enrich the lives of Indigenous youth for generations to come.


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