We’re blessed with amazing support from leaders across Canada and many wonderful and inspiring clients.

“In light of Lemon Cree’s mission to work together to promote health and fitness in our communities, Theresa continually pursues her vision to help Crees make positive changes in their lives through fitness and wellness programs at the community level… I am very excited to be involved in this undertaking and part of this new program for the Cree Regional Authority”John Henry, Former Director of Sports & Recreation and Former Grand Chief of the Cree Nation

“Lemon Cree played a major role in my choice of living a healthy lifestyle. I battled drug addiction and over came some hurdles so far in life. In September 2013 Theresa Ducharme and team Lemon Cree came down to our community to train a few of us lucky people. Today I do my best to teach. I also offer personal training sessions to clients I work with and I work in the field of addictions now. Thank you, Lemon Cree!”Terrence Hardisty - Lemon Cree Certified Trainer
Suffered with anxieties, pulpitations, depression and too much stress…over 5 years now…but now I feel great about myself. I have more energy than I did before I started these classes. I used to stay in bed all the time, sleeping, yawning away all day. I stopped taking my anxiety pills 3 weeks ago and I still feel great…the pills didn’t help me at all. So glad I went to these classes. Was scared and shy to go at first cause I was, or thought I was a big fat looser…it was just in my mind…lol…And very BIG “THANK YOU” to Theresa and Lemon Cree!Colleen P.
So excited and happy to bring you some exciting news and an update! Mistissini group- From July 13 to October 26, we have lost 92.25 inches!!!! So proud of you ladies for coming every week!! A special thank you Sharon C. for allowing me to share your success and letting me say that she has lost 12.5 inches since this summer!!!! Congrats Sharon!! Any one can do this! I so believe it. Congratulations to you all ladies and gent. GOOD JOB!!Fawn I.
“I think it is truly amazing what you are doing for the Cree people. A few decades ago, our ancestors used to be so fit and thin until white food and technology came along. Our lives changed forever but seeing you there…I think that change is now possible 🙂 So many Cree people are now exercising, have increased self-esteem and are more aware of how their well-being is important for future generations. Please keep doing what you’re doing, it’s truly inspiring and you are making the Cree world a better and healthy place.”Jeannette R.
“Thank You Lemon Cree. You built me up to reach out to my motivation and how you believed in me. Thank you for not giving up on me, even when I wanted to. Here I am today, going on this journey to a better healthy living. :)”Deborah W.

“Thank you very much to you all! It really opened me up to new positive thoughts and goals.”Felicia P.
“….awesome class indeed!! Love the feeling after bouncing. Natural high!!”Helen V.
Today is a day I’ll never forget for sure…I RAN & FINISHED without stopping a “Half Marathon”. 21.1 KMS… 150 runners…I was the last to cross the finish line at 3:29:50 but here is what made it so special for me…20 months ago my Hubby had to tie my shoes because I couldn’t reach or see my feet…The support I’ve received is amazing and heart warming…today I received over 150 text messages, e-mails, and FB messages…My Hubby stood in the cold at the 8 mile mark and watched and waited…When I was in my last 5 kms my nephew, who ran the race in 1:56 came back and did the last 5k again with me – he’ll never know how much that meant, when I crossed the finish line my hubby was there to put my medal around my neck with tears in his eyes-and my 3 year old God-Daughter came up to help him & held my hand. …I had so many voicemails & text messages from my Brother’s & Sister’s, Niece’s & Nephew’s….All of the support is what made this a day I’ll never forget. Thank-you Theresa to you & your team…You all are really changing lives, you have changed mine.”Corie D.

“I have personally witnessed and participated in the work of Lemon Cree. This group will be able to successfully improve the wellbeing of our staff as well as our people when it comes to sustaining a healthy lifestyle within our communities.”Ashley Iserhoff, Former Deputy Grand Chief of the Cree Nation
I would like to thank the “Lemon Cree Fitness Team for an awesome weekend!! The two day training, has given me new tools to work with in keeping fit and healthy. I definitely recommend this program to those who would like to live a better and healthier lifestyle. It’s a unique program that many can enjoy, as I have! It’s easy, it’s fun and is adaptable to a person’s needs regardless of age or gender. This has been an “uplifting” experience!! many “THANKS!!” for your teachings!!”Gloria P.

“I have to say, this has been the longest time (approx 6 months) I have ever stayed committed to a fitness routine… and I’m speechless…I’m happy and proud. I’m still a size 15 and I’m still over 200 pounds…but I don’t let it bother me too much. I remind myself I’m doing this for my health and mental well being. As for my diet, I quit our infamous Indian salad (poutine) altogether. I don’t drink pop or juice, I’m still working on quitting my chips LOL. And I just discovered Squash, sooo tasty and delicious…Thank you Theresa Ducharme, you are truly an Angel helping and changing our nation for the better.Candy G.
“Thank you Theresa and thank you to the team for all you are doing for the Cree People. :-). All the best with your continued success!”Matt I.
“My first class on Saturday nearly killed me for 2 days. I felt so much on my abs area, it was a pain to sneeze, let alone get off my bed!! LoL had so much fun though! Last nights class with that new Lemon Cree trainer was great! 😉 I love Lemon Cree!Arlene M.
“Thank-You Lemon Cree, I am stronger and more confident in myself, you rock!”Diane M.
“Although I don’t see many inches coming off, I know that I am going somewhere with this healthy lifestyle. Honestly I never liked working out, but with your help I now love it. I know for a fact that this year has been a great start for me. My girls see the difference and so does my hubby! Which is absolutely awesome. I feel great, and I know greater and greatest is coming. wooohooo… Anyway, thank you Lemon Cree and your crew for a job well done. For inspiring the Cree Nation. High five to all of you.” Deborah W.

“WOW! This makes me want to contribute to the health and wellness within the Cree Nation too. I admire what the Lemon Cree team is doing. This is the reason why I want to be a part of the movement. I’m going on to become a Lemon Cree Trainer soon and I can’t wait.”Jason H.
“Our instructors were super amazing, supportive, encouraging, and if Lemon Cree are ever in your community doing a Bounce Fit or Power Fit, do try it out, you may love it, I fell in love.”Bessie T.