Manifest your dreams with this empowering acting class and life goal workshop!

Participants will be working with one of the most in demand native actresses in Hollywood one-on-one. Jessica has worked alongside some of the most respected and biggest actor in the world. She has been an acting coach and helped to establish the Vancouver Acting School over the last 7 years.

The course program is designed to help students discover their own unique purpose and feel inspired enough to follow through with pursuing their goals. Each workshop includes a full day of presentations and inspiring videos designed to motivate and educate our youth and adults to think outside of the box. The program is designed to encourage dialogue and work that makes us think about our own limiting belief systems that hold us back from reaching our fullest potentials for ourselves and also for our communities. Jessica will be sharing the steps she took to get to where she is with her career and mentor anyone interested in taking this course.


This is a workshop designed to speak to women, men and young girls and boys in their communities about protecting themselves, physically (through basic life-saving self - defence techniques), emotionally, mentally and spiritually. We want to build strong warriors who know and believe in themselves to face whatever challenges come their way. In this workshop we encourage everyone to look for love within themselves, before anywhere or from anyone else. We have special celebrity guests/ instructors who will share their stories and how they have overcome they own quest for self love. We believe the solution to preventing half of the damage done is by re-building our people. We believe the solution to helping our people thrive we must look within our very own communities for those answers and continue to heal from within.